4 Precautions Diabetics Must Take When Traveling

blood_sugar_glucose_223244_lWell, there is always a lot to take into consideration when planning a trip to another state or country. When you are diabetic, however, you have additional precautions to take. Certainly if you are going to an adventure vacation in Costa Rica is a very exciting choice whether you are a diabetic or not. Here are some tips for travelers who have diabetes but are concerned about their health on a big trip.

#4 Particular Traveling Concerns

If a diabetic traveler prefers to be assured with the TSA before the traveling date, he or she can contact a new helpline called TSA Cares for specific information. Email is also an option. Once you get to the airport a Transportation Security Officer (TSO) can assist you with any screening concerns or anxiety you may have. Passenger Support Officers (PSO) are there to assist you at the checkpoint screening area. The TSA Officers can type up an optional Disability Notification Card if you prefer some discretion about your condition. If you have an insulin pump you are allowed to remain connected. Imaging technology can screen you and it is allowed to request a putdown instead.

#3 Steps To Take If Health Problems Arise

If you get any TSA person giving you problems, ask for a Supervisor to get your point over. A TSA Customer Service Manager for the airport you are in can help if a supervisor does not. You can also lodge a complaint after your trip by contacting the Disability and Multicultural Division by mail or email. If pilots, flight attendants or other airline carrier give you problems you can put in a discriminatory complaint with the Department of Transportation’s Aviation Consumer Protection Division (ACPD).

#2 What Should Diabetics Take With Them?

The best news is that the TSA allows diabetics to bypass the normal 3oz maximum for liquids, so insulin and medications like Glucagon, Smylin, and Byetta. Raisins, glucose tablets, and hard candy carbohydrates that treat hypoglycemia associated with diabetes. Never pack insulin in checked baggage because it can be affected by cabin pressure underneath the plane. Although the x-ray machines are safe for scanning of insulin, you can request hand inspection if you are leery.

#1 Basic Information For Traveling By Air

Both The American Diabetes Association and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have made an agreement that travelers with diabetes can travel with their necessary supplies and equipment to ensure their health. Often when the U.S. issues a rise in the security threat level, a tightening of what travelers have access to changes. Make sure to bring the prescription labels of diabetes medication and equipment. Separate the medications into separate clear plastic baggies and separate them from your carry-on luggage so they can be scanned properly. It is also important to carry your doctor’s contact information and a nutrition bar in case your blood glucose levels decline. You are allowed to bring any diabetes equipment and supplies you need, such as insulin, blood glucose meters, test strips, etc.

Diabetic persons have just as much a right to travel as anyone else. They do, however, have legitimate concerns when it comes to traveling with the prescription medications and equipment that is necessary for them to maintain their glucose levels. Once you have successfully gotten through the checkpoint area you can sit back and wait for your Costa Rica dream vacation.

Bedside Manner Includes Patient Safety



How many times have we heard complaints about a particular doctor lacking a good bedside manner? There is nothing worse than a brusque doctor, who cares more about himself than about the patient.
He knows he will be paid, whatever the treatment he prescribes, by the insurance company of course, so informed consent or patient comfort doesn’t enter into his bedside manner. That is the hospital’s responsibility. Fortunately, these doctors are not the norm.


Safety Intersects With Bedside Manner

Medical Professionals working in hospitals are busy from the beginning to the end of their shift. In their haste to take care of necessary tasks involved in running a tight ship, the human aspects of practicing medicine get lost. While patient safety is essential for a successful practice, so is making patients feel comfortable in every way.

During medical school most interns are taught various specialties and techniques of doctoring. If medical students can observe physicians and senior residents that they shadow daily, behaving in a compassionate manner, they will model themselves after them. Everything from holding a patient’s hand to washing that hand before and after contact with the patient, is observed by the interns.

Other Influences On Care

In addition to the important factors of patient safety, there are other influences on patient care to consider. Often nurses present the environment for the doctors to follow. If they have a sunny disposition and take time to answer patient’s questions, doctors will follow. Nurses are essential in creating the culture of patient safety and caring.

Here are other areas of patient safety vital to successful hospital:

  • Follow strict sanitation procedures. Needless to say, that starts with washing you hands, whether you are working in medicine or at home, less infections would occur if hands were clean.
  • Cleaning prep areas assures bacteria do not spread from patient to patient.
  • Wearing gloves ensures germs from patients do not spread to nurses, doctors, or other patients.
  • During surgeries and complex procedures blood may splatter. Wearing face masks prevents the spread of germs from a person who may have a communicable disease.
  • Sick doctors and nurses should stay home. It does not engender faith or trust when a doctor or nurse, constantly sneezing or coughing, surrounds a patient.
  • Nurses should be trained and certified on proper equipment operation and updated on safety procedures.

Other Aspects Of Patient Safety

Besides the aforementioned important safety aspects, medical professionals should all be great at communication skills. It is vital that doctors and nurses know how to communicate effectively with each other. As part of the bedside manner piece, they should be adept at showing care and compassion to all patients.

It is not unusual for patients to become agitated, fearful, or unsure of what is happening to their bodies post surgery. As they recuperate being able to assure them and provide answers will help them recover faster. It also will give them positive impressions of their stay. You never know when you might be on the other side and need the help of a compassionate medical professional.

Treating Urinary Infections

Peachtree GyncecologySome women frequently consume cranberry juice. This is not for the love of the drink, but because it helps stave off their frequent urinary tract infections. Why do some women get these more often and more importantly, how can they find some permanent relief?

Causes Of Urinary Infections

Urinary tract infections can be found in both males and females. There are anatomical differences in each gender. The female urinary system is comprised of bladder, urethra, kidneys and ureters. These organs work together to remove human waste via urine. Kidneys filter the waste from your blood. Since female bodies have a short distance from their urethra to the anus and urethral opening to the bladder. This results in a tendency toward cystitis or infected bladders. Urethritis is the result of gastrointestinal bacteria spreading from the anal area to the urethra.

Although it is sometimes void of symptoms, urinary infections have been known to exhibit certain telltale signs. They include:

  • Persistence in the strong urgency to urinate
  • Urine that smells strong
  • Pelvic pain
  • Pink or cola-colored urine indicating the presence of blood
  • A burning sensation when urinating
  • Passing small amounts of urine despite feeling an urgency
  • Urine that looks cloudy and not clear yellow

Treatments For Eradicating Infections

Patients experiencing frequent urinary system infections undergo preliminary tests to decide a course of action. Initially you are required to deliver a urine sample for lab analysis. Observing the white and red blood cells and bacteria present tests your urine. The bacteria found will also be studied. You may be required to take a computerized tomography test or ultrasound for images of your urinary tract. Intravenous pyelogram X-ray test may also be ordered to create images. A cystoscope lens allowing the doctor to view inside your bladder and urethra is sometimes ordered.

Antibiotics are the most commonly prescribed treatment for urinary tract infections. Some of the most common drugs include amoxicillin and levofloxacin. Although you may feel better quickly, it is always wise to continue prescribed use of antibiotics for one or more weeks. Pain medication to relieve burning sensation may also be prescribed. Additional treatments for frequent infections are longer courses of antibiotics and a single dose following sexual intercourse.

For postmenopausal women, using vaginal estrogen therapy is recommended. Intravenous medication administered in a hospital is given to most severe cases. Unless you are on blood-thinner medication, drinking water and cranberry juice regularly is a natural and inexpensive remedy to reduce the number of infections. Coffee and soda pop should be eliminated for those suffering frequent infections. Following diligent treatment, you should be back to yourself in no time.

How To Save On Diabetic Medications

Canadian Pharmacy



Patients with diabetes suffer two-fold. Not only from the disease itself, but the cost of the various medications taken monthly to control it. Uninsured and underinsured diabetics often end up not taking all the medication prescribed by their doctors because it is unaffordable. Even those with insurance have problems keeping up with their co-pays.


Sound Alternatives To Soaring Medication Costs

Despite the urging of their doctors, many diabetes sufferers who have lost their jobs and insurance, are underinsured, or have never had insurance are walking a tightrope in terms of juggling which medications to take. Often they take certain medications or alternate buying medications. One month taking a given drug and taking a different drug the next. Although their doctors may scold them for not following directions, patient prodding will only make them suggest viable alternatives.

For many diabetic patients their only alternative is to order meds from Canadian pharmacy online resources that can fill prescriptions from your licensed American doctor. Companies with various online Canadian pharmacies sites are offering substantial discounts on diabetic medications. There are some other alternatives that patients can seek out, however. It just takes a little time and ingenuity.

Offline Options For Diabetic Patients Prescription

Diabetic patients may give up on their doctors too soon. If they are willing to force a candid discussion of why their situation merits, many will find their physicians can find a way to reduce costs for them. Doctors can write prescriptions in a manner that pharmacists know you will be splitting the pills in half to make the prescription last longer, but will receive the correct dosage in the half pill.

Another way your doctor can help is to subscribe a generic brand with the same formulation but not the brand name manufacturer. If there is no generic version available, find out if another class of drug that offers the same result is available. Examples of this are the older diabetes medications sulfonylureas and metformin.

Foundations exist to help save money or even offer free prescriptions for diabetes patients. Pharmaceutical companies and doctors can provide free samples of certain drugs. Mail-order pharmacies allowing a 90-day supply will often offer a lower price than the standard 30-day supply at your local pharmacy. Bulk stores have more generic diabetic medications available and less expensive. If you use insulin order a new prescription, when your needs go up, because insurance companies often limit on how much they will cover. If you go over that limit you must pay out-of-pocket.

Saving on your diabetic medications is not only possible it is probable. Asking for help and researching less costly options will not only save money but also offer you a better quality life.

Getting Treated For Sleep Apnea

Northeast Altanta ENTAnother night comes and goes and your wife is still complaining about her lack of sleep, due to your snoring noises. You don’t feel rested and neither does she. Something must be done, because neither of you can keep going like this.

Habitual Snoring And Its Affects

Almost half of adults snore each night and 25% habitually; more people suffer from sleep apnea than ever. More men than women snore heavily, as do the overweight and elderly. Although it was once believed to be something to kid people about, doctors realize that snoring is the serious result of obstructed breathing called sleep apnea. Snoring is caused by the blockage of free flowing air through the passages leading to the rear of the nose and mouth. This area is part of the airway that is collapsible. It is where the upper throat and tongue meet the uvula and soft palate. When all these structures vibrate and hit each other this loud sound occurs.

An otolaryngologist or Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist (ENT), can determine the source of your snoring and possible solutions. He can best diagnose obstructive sleep apnea. In adults it can result in long pauses of holding your breath. This ensures deep, restful sleep never occurs. Then in turn the person is sleepy during the day, while driving or working. If no sleep apnea treatment occurs, diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, and other medical conditions can result.

Treatments To Combat Snoring

Sleep apnea sufferers are thoroughly examined by an otolaryngologist with a fiberoptic scope viewing the nose, neck, palate, throat, and mouth. This indicates if nasal obstruction, infection, enlarged tonsils or adenoids, or nasal allergies cause the snoring. Exhibiting the following symptoms means you must get examined:

  • Excessive fatigue or sleepiness in the daytime
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease in your history
  • History of having a stroke
  • Anyone having witnessed you pausing your breath while sleeping

Sometimes people stay overnight participating in a sleep study. A specialist monitors your sleep patterns and breathing habits to note the presence or severity of sleep apnea. The following treatments can be suggested:

  • A CPAP nasal mask to open your obstructed airway is one treatment. Surgery called uvulopalatopharyngoplasty removes excess soft palate tissue, opening the airway.
  • A tonsillectomy to open airway might be added.
  • Reducing nasal turbinates, soft palate, or tongue base is called thermal ablation.
  • Inserting Pillar implants into the soft palate.
  • Genioglossus and hyoid advancement is sleep apnea surgery preventing lower throat collapsing, while pulling tongue muscles forward.

Some people experience significant improvement by simply losing excess weight. Consulting with the doctor to find what is best results in better sleep and feeling refreshed in the morning.

Losing Weight Means New Clothes!

Isn't She Lovely Store

There is nothing like losing that excess, unwanted weight to make you feel completely and totally rejuvenated about buying some new clothes at some of your favorite online clothing boutiques. Personally, I’m not one for trying on clothes. Sadly, due to my stature it is almost always necessary. And, if you’ve lost a lot of weight you may actually enjoy the prospect of trying on all these great new clothes in sizes you probably never thought you’d fit into again. If however you would rather spend your valuable time in a more productive manner, it’s time to pick up a diet drink and sit down at the kitchen table with your laptop. Let’s go shopping online.

The Benefits Of Online Shopping

Online shopping sites want you to shop and spend your money with them. Because of this they are willing to offer their online shoppers exclusive deals with what, even if they have a tangible store somewhere, cannot be enjoyed by off-line shoppers. Deals like this can include anything and everything from coupons and sales to discounts, free shipping and more.

There’s almost nothing you can’t find online these days, so it only makes sense that people would start saving time, money and overpriced gasoline by shopping online rather than schlepping all over town. When you can look at page after page of services and products in the comfort of your own home why would you want to fight the crowds, the traffic and the gas lines to go shopping all over the city?

The Beauty Of Weight Loss

If you haven’t lost all the weight you want to lose but you do feel the need to buy a few new outfits by all means treat yourself… Even if you have reached that inevitable plateau – this is where people who are losing weight seem to stop for no apparent reason – they just can’t seem to lose anymore weight. Don’t be discouraged, because that plateau is only temporary. Especially if you are exercising along with your new healthy diet, you can expect to firm up, tone down and get in better shape not only physically but mentally as well.

Treating yourself with a new outfit or two, even if the weight loss is at its plateau, will make you feel better about yourself, your current weight loss and the weight loss to come.

Diabetes May Lead To Fractures

Hip Replacement Recall


Aging can present many physical challenges. One health risk that increases with age is diabetes. The incidences of diabetes in America have increased significantly over the last decade. With diabetic people living much longer lives, often into their eighties and nineties, the risk of fractures has also grown.

Diabetes + Diet

Most people understand that eating foods low in saturated fat can stave off the possibility of getting diabetes. However, what is less known is with diabetes, you are now more susceptible to getting fractures. Perhaps it is more likely to occur to people who have gone to a restaurant and fallen. When their doctor tells them they need their hip replaced due to a fracture that will not heal, they call their lawyer to file a hip replacement lawsuit.

Although advances in technology are welcomed in society, the downside is the lack of exercise that accompanies sitting at a computer or iPad all day and night. The combination of longer lifespans with an increase in falls leading to hip fractures has lead to more hip replacement surgeries taking place. When these occur on private properties, lawyers become fat and happy with more business in the form of lawsuits against the owners. The cycle continues in our litigious world.

Fracture Prevention Is Possible In Diabetes Patients

So how can fractures be prevented in people who suffer from diabetes? Many studies have been conducted to monitor the lifestyles of people with the disease and how they can prevent getting fractures in the first place. Much of the cause of susceptibility lies in types of food that is consumed.

Osteoporosis, a thinning of the bones, is commonly found in those suffering with diabetes. Since the bones are in a more fragile state, if a fall occurs, the damage is likely to be more severe, resulting in a fracture. A diet that contains between 1,000-1,500 milligrams of calcium and 400-800 international units of vitamin D is one of the best deterrences from fractures. Also, lowering alcohol usage and estrogen or androgen levels helps to protect the bones, when a fall results.

Eliminating smoking, the use of steroids, and hormone suppressants also protects bones. Simple changes such as getting rid of throw rugs at home, using nightlights for late night trips to the bathroom, and exercise balance regimens like Tai Chi and Yoga, can prevent falls altogether. Common sense approaches to diet, exercise, and supplements, can decrease the occurrence of falls leading to fractures in diabetics. This can lead to a higher quality mobile life, the goal of all people.

Keeping Healthy Teeth With Diabetes

Invisible Orthodontist


There have been studies showing a link between unhealthy teeth and diabetes. There are more than 26 million Americans that have diabetes and are at a higher risk for the development of gingivitis. If this is allowed to progress unchecked, then more serious oral disease called periodontitis will result.



Reasons To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

As we go about daily life, we monitor our weight, keep up with the latest fashion trends, and even stay informed on the latest news, but when it comes to our teeth, they are last in importance. There are many reasons to keep an eye on our dental health. We are too tired to floss regularly, only brush in the morning after waking up, and skip checkups. Often the only time we see a dentist is when we have an emergency flare-up.

Most people would be surprised to know how much the health of our teeth affects other organs in our body. Our heart is affected by the health of our gums. When you look at people with heart disease, it is very likely that many, if not all of them, have either early stage gum disease or advanced stages of periodontitis. It is estimated that over 90% of patients with heart disease also have oral health problems. Other health conditions affected by dental issues are pregnancy, lung disease, obesity, and rheumatoid arthritis.

How To Keep Healthy Teeth Once Diagnosed

Like other infections, if your blood glucose levels are not kept in control you are likely to get gum disease. Regular dental checkups every six months are essential to keeping your gums from proceeding to the periodontal stage. Avoiding tobacco smoke is a must, as is thorough cleaning of dentures if you wear them. This prevents thrush, a fungal infection associated with diabetes.

Diabetes has a tendency to make oral problems worse than they might have been normally. It can weaken the natural germ-fighting abilities of the mouth. Possible warning signs that may point to problems with your oral health include: bleeding gums, teeth pulling away from the gum bone, permanent teeth becoming loose, pus that shows up when you push on your gums, continuous bad breath, or partial dentures not fitting correctly anymore.

In the final analysis, staying under your doctor’s care to help you manage your diabetes and your dentist’s care to keep your teeth in check is the answer to balanced health. Your teeth are not just to provide you with a beautiful smile. They are a window toward great health for the rest of your body.

Stop Thinking About Your Diet Regime With Retail Therapy

Factory Fast


Okay, it’s true that if you went shopping the old-fashioned way – by getting in the car and walking all over creation – you may stand to lose a few more pounds than if you sit at your computer and shop online. But by shopping at sites such as www.factoryfast.com.au you can get that therapeutic shopping done and save time and money for going to the gym, taking a walk with the dog, going outside and playing with the kids or some other activity that is healthy but fun at the same time.


Forget The Diet – Concentrate On Other Things

Dieting is a drag. No one likes to diet even if they do enjoy eating healthy. The less we think about the fact that we are on a diet, the happier we can probably be. If shopping makes you happy then use your therapeutic shopping trip, albeit online, to purchase some items from which you can benefit as far as your whole diet/health regime goes.

Exercise equipment abounds on retail shopping sites and can also be found used for a substantially lower price. Of course you’re already saving money by shopping online so that buying something new – if that’s what trips your trigger – is still a money-saving opportunity. Think of the money you can save, if you buy your own exercise equipment versus paying those outrageous fees to join a gym where people will gawk at you while you try to wear off those excess pounds.

You Know What They Say About Shopping…

Here are just a few age old sayings that apply to shopping, be it online or off-line:

● shopping soothes the savage beast
● a purchase a day keeps the doctor away
● one online purchase is worth a thousand shopping trips
● a shop online saves 9 (regular shopping trips)
● the way to a man’s heart is through a purchase (for him of course)
● spare the laptop, spoil the online shopping

So, put another fish on the grill – just make sure that you don’t put any kind of fattening sauce on there. In the meantime, open up your laptop and do a little shopping to take your mind off the fact that you can’t have that tasty, fattening sauce.

And by the way, you can buy that grill at an online shopping site for greatly reduced, discounted prices and shipping costs. You can go exercise while you wait for it to be delivered directly to your address.

Weight Loss Success Before The Wedding

Let's Plan It Together


You finally lose those last few stubborn pounds that allow you to fit into the wedding gown of your dreams. There is no better feeling after starving and sweating at the gym, month after month, then to finally reach your weight loss goal. Now it is time to celebrate.

 Plan A Fancy Shindig

Just because you earn a certain salary and want to celebrate your weight loss success does not mean you want to lose your shirt on your upcoming wedding day. It is essential you choose a wedding planner that agrees that there is such a thing as
Weddings on a Budget.” If not, then move on to the next wedding event planner on your list.

One way to economize is to keep your guest list low. At 100 or less, smaller venues can be chosen for the ceremony and reception. At 50 or less there are some restaurants that have private rooms you can use. Obviously, if you have a large, close-knit family this is not possible. But, if you are an older couple or a second marriage, you might want to pare down the list.

How Event Planners Can Save You Money

If you use the right Event Planner for your wedding, you can save money. Because as everyone knows, certain wedding planners are known to make the most expensive choices as to pad their pockets. It is wise to interview several planners, before choosing one, to feel them out about their willingness to listen to your budgetary constraints. If they brush you off, when you ask about doing things in an economic way, you need to let them work with someone else. The last thing you need to do, when celebrating your newfound svelte figure and a celebration of your wedding, is fighting with your planner.

Since experienced wedding event planners have a hefty rolodex filled with contacts, they are familiar with florists, wedding invitation companies, photographers and the like, who have reasonable pricing. These specialists can offer additional tips to save you money, such as asking a restaurant to change out its table linens to a simpler, less expensive fabric. Or using dried fruits, nuts, and silk flowers for the centerpieces, rather than fresh flowers.

Planners can share newest trends in cost cutting measures like the backyard reception. Surprisingly Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s used this for his recent wedding. Even though he could afford a lavish spread, he and his bride opted for an ultra casual backyard scene. This type of access can go a long way toward making your wedding day a combination celebration of your huge weight loss and forever-memorable event.