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About the African American Diabetes Association

Our Mission.

The African American Diabetes Association (AADA) is a national tax-exempt 501c3 nonprofit organization that seeks to educate African Americans and the general public about diabetes. We work to assist those impacted to manage and prevent diabetes (including type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, and
pre-diabetes). AADA is passionate, serious, and committed to diabetes prevention and educational programs that work to end health disparities.

We advocate for African Americans affected by diabetic conditions and empower African Americans to maximize their quality of life and raise public consciousness while advancing the search for a universal cure. 

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Three Generations

Our Vision.

Striving to be a leader in addressing racial disparities in diabetes care in the United States, while providing resources to the African American community concerning diabetes prevention, care and research. 

To ring the alarm on the African American Diabetes Epidemic! Working to provide community outreach projects to help people prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. 

To intensify the urgency around the diabetes epidemic in the African American community and mobilize bold action through advocacy,  implementing culturally relevant, evidence-based interventions and community engagement strategies. 

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