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The African American Diabetes Association is a nonprofit charity designated as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)3 by the Internal Revenue Service. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Our tax ID is #27-5269585 All Transactions on our Web site are safe and secure.

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Why Donate to AADA?


Through your donations we work to:

1. Ring the alarm on the diabetes epidemic and health disparities in the African American communities.

2. Helping African Americans reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes;

3. Develop and maintain tailored diabetes education for type 1 and type 2 diabetics, along with community engagement projects via our workshops and educational platforms,

4. Support better outcomes for all types of diabetes with research in concert with our emerging partners, including city and state agencies, HBCUs, and other colleges, universities, and

5. Helping healthcare professionals deliver better care for African American diabetics. 

How Your Donation Will Be Used

As a individual donor, foundation or philanthropists your donation will to bring about long-lasting and sustainable change through the development of AADA chapters to address racial inequities in diabetes education. Your donation with unrestricted dollars will assist to build the capacity of the AADA to implement a number of impactful diabetes community engagement and outreach special projects.


Low administrative overhead and high direct services

AADA has less than 10 percent overhead, and spends 90 percent or more of the money donated on actual goods and services that support our mission.  Donations are utilized to ensure we have the most impact on African Americans living with and affected by diabetes. We work with individual donors, nonprofits, resident organizations, public and assisted housing agencies, health organizations, government agencies, foundations, faith-based organizations, businesses, fraternities and sororities, community development organizations, pharmaceutical companies, think tanks, and colleges and universities to build mutually beneficial partnerships to increase the public’s awareness of their risk of developing type 2 diabetes or working together to tackle the inequalities that face African Americans affected by diabetes. Your donations to AADA are used wisely; we take pride in maintaining a consistently low overhead. Since its inception, AADA has used 100% of contributions for diabetes educational and community engagement programs in our targeted diabetes belt, the District of Columbia, Maryland and Massachusetts. Our strategic plan includes expanding our individual and chapter membership throughout the United States over the next 2-5 years. AADA is dedicated to providing diabetes education and community engagement through special projects and programs for African Americans especially in places that don’t have regular access to diabetes education, including public and assisted housing communities. Our top priorities are to: 


• Increase awareness and knowledge of the seriousness of diabetes in the African American community, its risk factors, and effective strategies for preventing diabetes or the complications associated with diabetes.

• Increase the number of African Americans people who live well with diabetes and effectively manage their disease to prevent or delay complications and improve quality of life.

• Decrease the number of African American people in the United States with undiagnosed diabetes.

• Among Black people at risk for diabetes, increase the number who make and sustain lifestyle changes that prevent diabetes.

• Facilitate efforts to improve diabetes-related health care and education, as well as systems for delivering care to Black folks.

• Reduce health disparities in the African American community which is disproportionately burdened by diabetes.

• Facilitate the incorporation of evidenced-based research findings into health care practice. 


As the only national Diabetes organization established by Black people, advocating for diabetes health equity, we are working to assist decision-makers throughout the country in developing policies and programs that create the social, economic and environmental conditions that improve the challenges of diabetes within our Black communities.

Memorial Gift


If you would like to establish a memorial in the name of a family member or friend, it would be a fitting way to honor a family member while supporting the African American Diabetes Association's work to ring the alarm about the epidemic of Diabetes in our communities.  Your tax-deductible donation not only shows the family of the deceased that you care about their loved one, it will also provide much-needed services and resources to African Americans impacted by diabetes. Make a safe and secure memorial gift today!

Create your birthday fundraiser to support of The African American Diabetes Association (AADA) via FACEBOOK

When you start a nonprofit fundraiser on Facebook, we cover all processing fees for donations.

Note: If you've blocked the Meta page, then you won't see the Meta donation on your fundraiser. The donation will still be made.

  1. On your computer, login to Facebook.

  2. In the promotion in your Feed, either:

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    • Type into the search bar to find a nonprofit

  3. Select the nonprofit you want to raise money for.

  4. Under “Let’s start with the basics,” enter:

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A message will pop up that congratulates you on creating your fundraiser. From there, you can invite your friends to donate, share your fundraiser in your Feed, or donate to the fundraiser yourself.

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