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AADA Chapter Membership

The African American Diabetes Association, Inc. offers membership to community-based organizations (CBO's) to join us in our efforts to provide education, increase awareness, and support individuals living with diabetes and their families.

AADA is working with CBO's that serve the African American diabetes community with direct services, advocacy and awareness programs. We value the work of CBOs, and we are working to expand our collaborations across the country in order to affect positive change at the national, state and local levels. AADA has categorized community-based organizations into three categories based on the services provided:

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Nonprofit Chapter 

Non profit chapters, establish themselves as 501c3 non profit organizations that disseminates diabetes information, attending health fairs and participating and/or hosting local advocacy events. Nonprofit may provide medical bill assistance, transportation, case management, counseling, housing, clothing, food, SSI/Disability, insurance application assistance and more.   Complete Application HERE

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Faith Based Chapter 

Approximately 13 million African American households can be reached directly or indirectly through the church. The typical Black Church has an average attendance that is about 50% greater than non black churches. Trusted source of information. Faith based chapters are raising awareness of diabetes, conducting diabetes prevention and management activities and are creating a healthy church environment. Complete Application HERE.

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College/University Chapter

Chapters are student-led groups that provide peer support to African American young adults impacted by diabetes. College and University  chapters participate in a range of activities, from volunteering and advocacy, to casual hangouts, and weekly meetings. AADA College and University chapters are established at HBCU's and other College and University settings. Complete Application HERE.

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