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AADA Chapter Membership

The African American Diabetes Association, Inc. offers membership to community-based organizations (CBO's) to join us in our efforts to provide education, increase awareness, and support individuals living with diabetes and their families.

AADA is working with CBO's that serve the African American diabetes community with direct services, advocacy and awareness programs. We value the work of CBOs, and we are working to expand our collaborations across the country in order to affect positive change at the national, state and local levels. AADA has categorized community-based organizations into three categories based on the services provided:

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Nonprofit Chapter 

Non profit chapters, establish themselves as 501c3 non profit organizations that disseminates diabetes information, attending health fairs and participating and/or hosting local advocacy events. Nonprofit may provide medical bill assistance, transportation, case management, counseling, housing, clothing, food, SSI/Disability, insurance application assistance and more.   Complete application HERE

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Faith Based Chapter 

Approximately 13 million African American  households can be reached directly or indirectly through the church. The typical Black Church has an average attendance that is about 50% greater than non black churches. Trusted source of information. Faith based chapters are raising awareness of diabetes, conducting diabetes prevention and management activities and are creating a healthy church environment. Complete Application HERE.

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College/University Chapter

Chapters are student-led groups that provide peer support to African American young adults impacted by diabetes. College and University  chapters participate in a range of activities, from volunteering and advocacy, to casual hangouts, and weekly meetings. AADA College and University chapters are established at HBCU's and other College and University settings. Complete Application HERE.


AADA Annual Chapter Membership Dues

AADA’s Annual Chapter membership fee is extremely affordable and works on a sliding scale to accommodate a nonprofit, faith based or college/university student organization’s budget. 

Membership rates are based on the organization’s budget size for the previous fiscal year. Please use line 18 from your most recent Form 990. Nonprofits that file Form 990-PF should use line 24, column (d). Nonprofits that file Form 990 should use line 18 minus line 13.


Please note annual Chapter Membership dues are nonrefundable.

Benefits of Membership

The African American Diabetes Association is the only national African American organization that brings together nonprofits, funders, pharmaceutical companies, faith based organizations, business leaders, and elected officials to ring the alarm on the epidemic of Diabetes in African American communities throughout the U.S. We’ll help you network, advocate, and access the tools you need to grow and thrive.


Access to a network of nonprofits and for-profit businesses across the United States, including nonprofit and business leaders and funding partners. Regular networking events with nonprofit, community, health, business, and government leaders.

Annual Budget   Amount Due


Under 100K        $250.00
Under 250K        $500.00
250-750K            $750.00
750-2.5M             $1,000
2.5-10M               $ 2,000
10-25M                $ 5,000


Our members-only African American Diabetes Roundtable allowing for direct contact with prominent state and federal officials providing insights publication highlighting policy issues and trends regarding
diabetes advocacy and care.

Quarterly members-only public policy calls, along with regular advocacy updates for members on local, state, and federal issues.

We welcome nonprofit Community Based Organizations (CBOs), faith based organizations, and college and university student organizations to our network.


If your organization is interested in being a AADA CBO chapter member, please fill out the application HERE or contact

If you are interested in becoming a individual member and/or supporter of AADA 

please fill out your individual membership application HERE or make a donation HERE


AADA Chapter Members Code of Conduct 

AADA Chapter leaders must adhere to the AADA code of conduct. Violation of this code of conduct may result in immediate termination of a chapter leader's participation in the AADA community.

1. Always speak accurately and truthfully.
2. Always disclose your relationship with AADA and your participation in any AADA programs.
3. Never give medical advice or represent that you are giving medical advice. Make sure you
communicate this to others. Inform others that you are sharing your personal opinion,
thoughts, or experiences.
4. Always inform others that only physicians can prescribe medications or decide if a particular
treatment option is right for them.
5. Always allow others to form their own honest opinions based on information you have
6. Always respect the privacy of others at all times.

7. Never disclose their personally identifiable health information or other private information.
8. Never involve a child under the age of 18 in any AADA Program without direct participation
of their parent or legal guardian.

9. Always disclose that the African American Diabetes Association website and its services do not constitute the practice of medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

10. Always disclose to participants of AADA chapter programs that they need to talk to their health care provider for diagnosis and treatment, including their specific medical needs. If they have or suspect that the participant has a medical problem or condition, please advise participants to contact a qualified health care professional immediately. If they are in the United States and experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 or call for emergency medical help immediately.

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